Kevin -- My Emmons SKH Legrande case arrived yesterday and it's really nice. For folks wondering what might be great about getting a Hatton case...

- fits like a glove
- excellent build quality
- tolex outside is perfect
- inside red velour is perfect
- hardware is top quality - back-saving weight reduction and wheels (nice wheels!)
- packed and shipped with obvious care

during the entire purchase and build process, Kevin kept in touch and updated me on the progress. he worked with me at the outset to ensure the right fit for the guitar, and emailed me at least once a week to keep me in the loop. that kind of treatment really makes you feel good about spending your money with him. and then you get the case!... Many thanks Kevin - i'll probably order another case from you soon.

Mike Phillips

I want to say that the cases I got from Kevin are first rate. These are light weight cases, very well built. I got the tweed covering, very sharp. Kevin got them to me in spite of the natural disaster, terrrific service. Thanks again Kevin,

Byron Walcher

Nobody really knows who I am . . .and to fill those in. . . I have worked for Jimmy Dickens since 1982. (Gettin' up there!)

I just received my Hatton Split Cases and took them to the Opry this week. At the Ryman there is limited space to show off anything. But, everyone that saw them was VERY impressed. I think at least three orders will come from the first time viewing them. The quality of workmanship is perfect.

Everybody agrees.

When we tried to move the Steel inside the case, the whole case moved instead of the Steel. Now, that's tight. The tuning is practically not bothered because of the tight fit. I would highly reccomend these cases to ANYONE who needs a case or needs to split the load of carting a Steel Guitar. Mr. Hatton is great to work with and does his very best to fill each order to fit the need.

Pee Wee Rogers

Kevin; Thanks for the great job on my new 2 piece case for my 1968 ZB D10 that I ordered new from Ted Soleskie. a great steel player, who now lives in Texas. It was one of the last ones Zane Beck built in Scranton Ark. It was a long ride from York Pa to Buffalo New York, (6 1/2 hours one way), but it was worth it. In case any one doesn't know, Kevin also does serice work on the great ZB guitars. He just added 4 of his adyustable kneee levers to my ZB & adjusted the pedals, lubed etc. The pedals work so-o-o much smother now. Thanks again Kevin for a great job,

Harry Hatterer Jr.

Harry, let me join you in praising Kevin's work--this is an earlier post with my review of my Hatton's Split Cases I received recently: Fedex just delivered my brand new Hatton Split Cases for my LDG--We're talking about true quality here and everything fits like a tailored glove! If you've been holding out for either a new case or split cases for your axe, get in touch with Kevin Hatton and get ready for some good, old-fashioned customer service! The reason for the "perfect" fit is that Kevin called me at least a half dozen times to ensure the measurements were to the "inth" degree From the wheels to the spring handle and the wine-colored interior, I couldn't be more pleased! Kevin my sincere appreciation for the personal touch and all the ZB history you shared with me during our conversations!

Carl Williams--A very satisfied customer

I just received a set of cases for a customer this past Friday. All I can say is WOW, these babies are nice!!! Kevin has paid very close attention to detail and construction. The guitar fits like a glove. It just so happens that this customer has a torn ligament in his shoulder, and these cases should help him alot packing his D-10 ZB!!!! Great work Kevin and Thanks!!! I see more of these cases for my personal guitars in the future!!!!

Greg Jones

Just a bump to the top and a mighty big thank you to you Kevin! The cases arrived here at the studio today (Thursday am)... half way around the planet, and in perfect condition...(we might build ourselves a tent or two with the left over bubble wrap) Laughing Thanks again Kevin, the cases are beautiful!

Geoff Barnes, Australia

One more vote for Kevin's cases here. He made a case for my fender dual professional. It is a much better design than the original as it keeps weight off of the pickups, strings, and tuners at all times and there is no chance of the legs coming out of their storage area. We had several interactions during the building process and Kevin made sure that the dimensions and fit were perfect and that everything was built to my satisfaction. Great workmanship, thanks Kevin.

Gibson Hartwell

I recieved my Hatton split case in March of this year. It is really agreat case.The workmanship is second to none.My steel is an early 70's ShoBud LDG and it fits perfect in Kevins case.The best thing I like about it is it dropped the weight 39 pounds. Twenty years ago it wasn'that heavy.

All the hardware is first class and it looks great and the rollers and spring handels make it so much easier to transport. If you are like myself,and not as young as I used to be,I highly recomend the Hatton split case. Thanks Kevin for the best case made.I also enjoyed the conversations we had while you were making the cases.

Pete Taylor Elizabethton, Tn.

I just got a set of custom made Hatton split cases from Kevin, which fit my 68 ZB D10 like a glove. The workmanship looks great and they are built to last! Thanks Kevin.

As a side note, I didn't know that ZB steels from the Scranton years were not all the same size. I guess he made some variations so these must be custom fitted to the case. Kevin steered me right and now I'm ready to roll! Thanks

Bill McKenna

This is a thing of beauty. I could post some pic's but there already is a picture just like it a couple pages back. Just like he made for Tommy Aldridge. I guess I must have measured good because it fits like a glove. My Zum sure looks good in it. If you want a case that really shows off your guitar before you even open the case, man this is it. Thanks Kevin for a really good custom case.

Wayne Franco

Just wanted to thank Kevin for the way he takes care of his customers. Last June, I had Kevin build me a set of split cases for my D-10 Mullen. The main body case has been just a bit too tight and I was having a little trouble getting Mullen in and out of the case.

Last week I called Kevin to see if he would send me a couple of square feet of the lining as I had planned to rebuild some parts on the inside of the case. Instead, he sent new end and side pieces already covered. It took me only a couple of hours to put them in and now the Mullen fits fine. "Great Customer Service".

Alan Harrison

I have got to comment on my Hatton Split cases. I have a D10 Zum, and as all you know, these are heavy, as most all D10's are. Our Bass player just a couple of weeks ago commented, "This thing is a Sow". John was raised on the farm. Anyway, it is heavy. I ordered a set of split cases from Kevin. They are extremely nice. But here's what tops that even more. My pedal bar and leg case was just a tad bit small. I know how detailed Kevin was, so I was a little reluctant to call him. They are really nice cases. Anyway, I finally did. Kevin was more than concerned that I remained happy. I told him there was no real rush, but I suspect that he dropped what he was doing to make me another case. I just got it the end of last week. It fits like a glove. With Kevin, you are not only getting a nice set of cases, but you are getting the absolute best in customer service. Do yourselves a favor, (as well as your backs), and invest in his cases. I assure you, you won't regret it. I just wish I'd done it sooner.

Steve Schmidt