Split Cases

I am now making custom split cases for Emmons Push Pulls and LeGrandes, Zums, and MSA's, as well as Sho-Buds and ZB's. These are split cases. One for the body and one for the pedal rack and legs. The body case has external wheels on one end of the case with a spring handle on the other. It takes a solid twenty pounds off the weight of transporting an Emmons guitar by splitting the cases and makes transporting a breeze. You just wheel the body case around like luggage. The cases feature:

1) Light but strong construction.
2) Genuine durable classic Fender Tolex covering.
3) Aluminum ball corners and corner brackets for reinforcement and protection. These cases will never fall apart.
4) Beautiful wine plush velour interiors. Other colors available.
5) Premium hardware.

The guitar is float mounted in the case so that neither the changer nor the keyhead is touching the case. The front of the guitar is also offset from the case for protection. This was something that peeved me for years when looking at other cases. The cost is plus shipping for the set of two cases. These cases are meant to enhance the value of your steel guitar while providing transport ease and protection.

I can also cover these cases in Ozite (Gray or Black) for those that prefer it. I can also do snakeskin, Fender Tweed, and other colors.split cases

The edges on the inside of these cases are beveled downward to aid in making the case waterproof and add strength. I will unconditionally guarantee the quality of these cases or your money back. Yes, I can do them without wheels or a spring handle for a low price. I accept credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express).